Friday, June 26, 2009


Large Mug






Wall clock design

Roadmap black shirt

Getting the dark stuff out the door before i do some light designs....

RROD maternity dress

Haha, i could not help myself.
Looks pretty cool though

RROD design

I had to buy a new xbox today........but i was attracted buy a glowing to follow

Jumper 1 is up.....

As time continues the designs will get better. As will the names.
Its winter here and i need some warm clothes so this is a start of my own shopping list.
You can buy this here if you want one too!.....


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something new.....clothes designs on way

Revamp of something old

Expect some clothing designs soon.....

Ok guys I'm going to Jump in here and smash the crap out things

So will slowly rebuild the site - currently doing some new designs in the store.
Check back in the next 24 hours.......I'll get this bowled.
I'm pumped and currently don't have a garage to hack in.
Expect some funky stuff soon
AvgasStew (F.d. main man)