Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first posty....

Ok my first post on Farrst Developments... pretty excited :)

I have a major interest in food, desserts, cafes, so I thought I'd talk about the new dessert shop in town Giapo..

Went the other day... First impression, not bad I'd say. NZ does lack a few dessert shops here and then... theres Movenpick, NZ Naturals, and the odd Gelato shop. So was nice to see something different this time. Although, walking in the first day, the price of a waffle cone pushed me back a little ($7?!?! or more ridiculous $16 for the mega waffle?) but it was one of those things I wanted to try at least once, don't know if I'll be going there again - so Giapo's if your reading this, I think price needs to be considered seriously if you want to attract repeat customers....

As a business could it work? Well, I guess we'll find out. Ice cream, desserts, sweet treats don't seem to be a big thing here as much as I've noticed overseas. I don't know if its 'cause we live in a health conscious society or its just something we're are not into. Could work amongst tourists and students (though price could scare 'em at first). I see it more of one off thing to try.

Anyways, Lance Wiggs wrote a blog on Giapo's which I found quite an interest read, check it out

Monday, September 21, 2009

YuchiGuchi - Operations Manager

YuchiGuchi BCom
Hi there...

I am the Operations Manager for FD. I have been involved in banking and investments sector after graduating from the University of Auckland. However, like many others, I have a passion of networking people and discovering talents. Here‘s a quote that I live by at this moment “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live”!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Profile : Nandinos Gal - Marketing Manager

I am a 24 year old chicky hoping to get my hands on a Nandos (or some food business) one day.  Dreaded my years at Uni but finally graduated (after four very long years) with a marketing and management degree at AUT.  My interests lie in social networking, match making (not referring to the dating scene :-s), designing and letting my creative juices flow.  My role here to get people to meet other people and create a huge as network in which everyone knows each other – with the hope to meet some good people along the way.  So I say get out there and be exposed!

Hey there little guy!

Hey there little fella, see I'm not so scary

I think its time we get a little personal. So I have asked my members to put a brief little profile about themselves here.
You see when we get down to this level, you realize that we are just like you - and we only want to help you. Because you can help us in the return.
FARRST Developments, was originally formed so that I could push some of my own ideas to market - you see I'm not really an artist, I'm suppose to be an engineer.....but I get a bit sick of dealing with the logic i need to have a creative side every now and then.

When i first formed FARRST Developments, I asked a few friends to help me - they were willing to help me on 1 proviso.....I let them also have a bit of fun.
So FARRST Developments went from a one man band to a collective of people who want to do certain things. You may be a lawyer by day - and thanks to FARRST Developments we can promote you as a Jazz Musician by night. You can be your own little hero.
Because I don't think one job fits all - we need to diversify our selves and have a bit of fun.

So if your keen - drop me a line @, tell me what you want to do and achieve, and we can take it from there.

Be prepared for some snazzy stuff soon from us, including a bio from my Op. Manager and my Marketing Manager.

(Managing Director.....aparently)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something new is happening.....

Someone has initiated a rather than for me to try and get the wealth, I'm going to leave FARRST Developments a free market. The concept is simple.
You submit what you have designed (concept) and we develop it to market (with you name of course)......with the push of my marketers. So you have something for your portfolio, the market (and employers find out who you are - PERFECT FOR A RECESSION).......and any money made in the process is put back into the system to make it bigger and brighter (I would love to introduce a commission setup - but this will have to grow with the business).

This is not the 60's but this is free love.
This is not a business, but a corporate communist state.
We all march for the 1 good, and all are rewarded individually.
This is FARRST Developments!

So give me your designs! you concepts! your random thoughts - Change the world.
Because at the end of the day many hands make light work.