Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey there little guy!

Hey there little fella, see I'm not so scary

I think its time we get a little personal. So I have asked my members to put a brief little profile about themselves here.
You see when we get down to this level, you realize that we are just like you - and we only want to help you. Because you can help us in the return.
FARRST Developments, was originally formed so that I could push some of my own ideas to market - you see I'm not really an artist, I'm suppose to be an engineer.....but I get a bit sick of dealing with the logic i need to have a creative side every now and then.

When i first formed FARRST Developments, I asked a few friends to help me - they were willing to help me on 1 proviso.....I let them also have a bit of fun.
So FARRST Developments went from a one man band to a collective of people who want to do certain things. You may be a lawyer by day - and thanks to FARRST Developments we can promote you as a Jazz Musician by night. You can be your own little hero.
Because I don't think one job fits all - we need to diversify our selves and have a bit of fun.

So if your keen - drop me a line @, tell me what you want to do and achieve, and we can take it from there.

Be prepared for some snazzy stuff soon from us, including a bio from my Op. Manager and my Marketing Manager.

(Managing Director.....aparently)