Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first posty....

Ok my first post on Farrst Developments... pretty excited :)

I have a major interest in food, desserts, cafes, so I thought I'd talk about the new dessert shop in town Giapo..

Went the other day... First impression, not bad I'd say. NZ does lack a few dessert shops here and then... theres Movenpick, NZ Naturals, and the odd Gelato shop. So was nice to see something different this time. Although, walking in the first day, the price of a waffle cone pushed me back a little ($7?!?! or more ridiculous $16 for the mega waffle?) but it was one of those things I wanted to try at least once, don't know if I'll be going there again - so Giapo's if your reading this, I think price needs to be considered seriously if you want to attract repeat customers....

As a business could it work? Well, I guess we'll find out. Ice cream, desserts, sweet treats don't seem to be a big thing here as much as I've noticed overseas. I don't know if its 'cause we live in a health conscious society or its just something we're are not into. Could work amongst tourists and students (though price could scare 'em at first). I see it more of one off thing to try.

Anyways, Lance Wiggs wrote a blog on Giapo's which I found quite an interest read, check it out