Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something new is happening.....

Someone has initiated a push.....so rather than for me to try and get the wealth, I'm going to leave FARRST Developments a free market. The concept is simple.
You submit what you have designed (concept) and we develop it to market (with you name of course)......with the push of my marketers. So you have something for your portfolio, the market (and employers find out who you are - PERFECT FOR A RECESSION).......and any money made in the process is put back into the system to make it bigger and brighter (I would love to introduce a commission setup - but this will have to grow with the business).

This is not the 60's but this is free love.
This is not a business, but a corporate communist state.
We all march for the 1 good, and all are rewarded individually.
This is FARRST Developments!

So give me your designs! you concepts! your random thoughts - Change the world.
Because at the end of the day many hands make light work.