Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes you need to learn to suck it up, and realise you don't know anything.

Just now I have had one of those moments. Well, that is probably a bit harsh. Lets put it this way - every thing I did know had a different name before :)
So here is where I had my moment of finding out my head had been in the sand.......You see it frustrated "What is this UX thing - is it for Apples only?"
Thankfully these guys came to the rescue for me :

Now don't get me wrong. Turns out I did know what UX is...........but when I was a youngin - it was called "User Experience".........yes that's right. I learnt this stuff before we even abbreviated it.  Now my grey hairs are starting to show. But I learnt this all WAAAAAAYYYYY before I became an engineer........back when I was suppose to become some big thing with designing and stuff. Back before numbers killed my brain.

So its got me thinking, here I come with a interesting concept. All you electrical engineers - listen up, I am going to teach you all what we do wrong, and what all the computer geeks (usually Mac owners) do right. Because the bizzare thing is I can sit on the fence with this one........I have figured out a balance between Web UX and HMI, between SCADA and Object Orientated Product Layout.

So give me a few days to collect my thoughts........and see you back here for bridging school in a week.