Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sometimes the devil delivers......

Stew ✆ to TheDevil

Hi Mr Devil sir,

I am 29.........and ignore the press. IT IS OK TO GIVE A CHILD A PEN THAT LOOKS LIKE A SYRINGE.

Its not a real syringe, it does not symbolize drug taking. This is the Marlboro man all over. Even then people weren't dumb enough to think that if you smoked you would become a cowboy.

Unlike some children's toy adverts who make you believe your child will have light shine out their arse and fart thunder after you buy them the latest supersoaker-pokemon-fantastic-scooterthing.

Can I have a pen? I use it to write letters to people to tell them how changing the rules will not save their stupid children from doing stupid things, and if they weren't such stupid parents (or married inbreds) that they could educate their children right from wrong so the world doesn't have to hold their precious little dim-dims through their whole lives.

Right rant over.............hmmmmm on that thought looks like a going to need to write a bunch of letters, dumb bastards seem to be breeders. Could I have a few pens?

Stewart Farr
B.E. M.B.A.

and today I got this.........

Thank you miss lady Devil.