Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alain Massabova - a hero to all who feel they are "too old"

Recently spotted this.......Alain is a 40 year old frenchman, but that's has not stopped him from literally doing ballet on a bike.

 The video is very inspirational, and the music is fantastic. Alain I take my hat off to you - after spending all day with a crying boy, and worried that I am going to have to stay up all night to finish a project. You just motivated me.

Alain Massabova - 40 years in Paris from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Got some new fandangled beer to try......

Well turns out my creative genius has won me some boundary road beer. (

So I have been test drinking this stuff for the last week. And come to the following conclusions.....

Mumbo Jumbo:
Interesting Pale Ale. Not a huge fan of indian pale ales - but not one to say no to free beer either. Has quite a long taste, and does taste a little like pond water. For some reason it also is very good at making people appear tired.
Goes very well with nuts and fruit for some reason. Seems to contrast the distinctive if your not enjoying it as it is.......try having a couple of slices of mandarin or some raisins with it. Turns the mud water into a whole new flavor set.

In summary - If you love pales ales, you will love this more than your first shag. If your not a pale ale fan, have it with something (food wise) and then you will taste the good parts of this beer while avoiding the long bitter ones. 

Chocolate Moose:
Note; I am huge Chocolate fan. But unlike my wife - I love everything but dark chocolate. She loves only dark chocolate. This causes interesting shopping trips.
This beer is stuck in between milk and dark chocolate mouse in terms of taste. Yes, you heard me right - its a beer that DOES taste like chocolate mousse.
At first your palate is not used to drinking chocolate mousse - so initial reactions are "Urgh! WTF! This tastes funny!"........................but hang on kiddies it does get better.
Towards the end of the bottle you have adjusted to this brand new world, and while you won't run to the bar to get another.....likewise you won't say no if someone offers to get you another.
The chocolate taste would go fantastic with some form of meat. This would make a good mead to have with your leg of lamb. I felt disappointed that was not eating steak at the time, because it would have been fantastic to drink this from a Stein while having a steak.

In summary - If you want to drink something different, this will be it. This is not a beer - this is a chocolatey mead brew. Eaters of chocolate will be confused. Drinkers of stout will be confused. But don't worry it will grow on you.

Basically you should at least try both. I mean you only live once.